Tobacco World LTD.

We are a local smoke shop that has been serving the Wisconsin, Milwaukee, and Greenfield area for over 35 years,With over 400 premium cigar brands and facings! 40+ different fine pipe tobacco blends. A variety of different tobacco pipes, And accessories for all your needs Including the best cigar cutters and cigar lighters, Humidors, Ashtrays, Pipe Cleaners, Empty Cigar Boxes, and more!


CLE Logo
"Christian Eiroa has returned to the cigar business with the formation of CLE Cigar Co. CLE stands for Eiroa's initials (his middle name is Luis) and is the first cigar to come from his new venture.
CLE comes in three varieties: The premium CLE Cuarenta, made with fine Habano-seed wrapper, The premium CLE Corojo, made with a fine Corojo wrapper, and the premium CLE Connecticut, made with a fine Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade leaf. The Cuarenta is named in honor of Eiroa's upcoming 40th birthday, which took place in July, 2012." CLEcigars.com