Tobacco World LTD.

We are a local smoke shop that has been serving the Wisconsin, Milwaukee, and Greenfield area for over 35 years,With over 400 premium cigar brands and facings! 40+ different fine pipe tobacco blends. A variety of different tobacco pipes, And accessories for all your needs Including the best cigar cutters and cigar lighters, Humidors, Ashtrays, Pipe Cleaners, Empty Cigar Boxes, and more!

O.T.P. (Other Tobacco Products)

We have a lot of O.T.P. (other Tobacco Products) to suit all your needs. This includes discrete ways to enjoy your tobacco, to the old fashion English stuff, and everything in-between.

Hookah TobaccoHookah Tips

Hookah Tobacco, who doesn't love a Hookah every once in a while? We have Jewels Hookah tobacco in a multitude of different flavors, further we got the replacement tips and coals too.

Oliver Twist

Oliver Twist-Discreet tobacco without smoke (smokeless), it is small tobacco pellets (mini-rolls) in a variety of flavors. They have natural nicotine content and is a great product to use where smoking is not permitted.

Scotch SnuffSilver Dollar Snuff

Snuff is Smokeless tobacco made from pulverized tobacco leaves, then insufflated (inhaled or "snuffed") into the nostril. We have two different brands, Honest Scotch and Silver Dollar in lots of different flavors

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