Tobacco World LTD.

We are a local smoke shop that has been serving the Wisconsin, Milwaukee, and Greenfield area for over 35 years,With over 400 premium cigar brands and facings! 40+ different fine pipe tobacco blends. A variety of different tobacco pipes, And accessories for all your needs Including the best cigar cutters and cigar lighters, Humidors, Ashtrays, Pipe Cleaners, Empty Cigar Boxes, and more!


Pipe Accessories

We carry a massive amount of pipe accessories to suit all your needs, everything from cleaners to filters.

Pipe Cleaners

Over a dozen types of pipe cleaners, all from regular, to circle one for falcon pipes, to churchwardens, and more. Of course plain, bristle, and tapered for all the aforementioned. If you have a pipe we probably have the cleaner for it.

Rubber Pipe Tips

Are you a stem chewer or just hold your pipe in your mouth a lot? Then rubber pipe tips are for you. Just put one of these "one size fits all" tips on the end of your pipe, and chew though the tip, not your pipe stem.

Medico FiltersSavinelli Pipe Filters

Have a pipe with filters? Well Medico and Savinelli filters are what you need; they will fit all standard pipes with filters out there.

Pipe Sweetener

Want to re-set an old pipe? Pipe sweetener will do the trick. It is a special chemical that will remove that old engrained cake in pipes and allow you to re start and smoke any new pipe tobacco with no tong bight.

Pipe Pouches

And of course pipe pouches, we have a plethora of different ones, whether for just tobacco or all the way up to holding multiple pipes and tools, and anything in-between, we got it.

Pipe Racks

You have a lot of Pipes; want to display them in a eye appealing way? Then our pipe racks are what you need, each is made with quality wood (some even brier) and beautifully stained to match your high quality pipes.

Images are not indicative of exact product in store. So please come on in to see what we have in stock.