Tobacco World LTD.

We are a local smoke shop that has been serving the Wisconsin, Milwaukee, and Greenfield area for over 35 years,With over 400 premium cigar brands and facings! 40+ different fine pipe tobacco blends. A variety of different tobacco pipes, And accessories for all your needs Including the best cigar cutters and cigar lighters, Humidors, Ashtrays, Pipe Cleaners, Empty Cigar Boxes, and more!


"JD Retailer Tribute No.12 is a special one indeed, dedicated to our family "Deadwood Tobacco Co & Cigar Bar" in South Dakota. Let's take this Tribute back to 1995 and our first trade show - the name of the company wasn't even called Drew Estate and the ethos wasn't yet polished to #rebirthofcigars. Nope, we were Jonathan Drew Inc and the early stages of our movement was "Know Your Direction". These were the worst of days and the best of days. Marvin and I were struggling to eat and struggling to survive - but when things get to be their worst, then comes a sign ! Deadwood and Ms. Vaughn Boyd was that sign as she was one out first 14 Retailers in the US, fuck it, the world ! From there Deadwood joined the DE Movement and never looked back. She went on to create the Sweet Jane family of cigars that have become a Cult Classic nationwide. So much is owed to Deadwood and Vaughn not just by #drewestate , but from the entire industry She has changed the game." -http://drewestate.com/deadwood-tobacco-co/