Tobacco World LTD.

We are a local smoke shop that has been serving the Wisconsin, Milwaukee, and Greenfield area for over 35 years,With over 400 premium cigar brands and facings! 40+ different fine pipe tobacco blends. A variety of different tobacco pipes, And accessories for all your needs Including the best cigar cutters and cigar lighters, Humidors, Ashtrays, Pipe Cleaners, Empty Cigar Boxes, and more!


Basic infomation About Pipe Tobacco

There are literally entire books on pipe tobaccos, so here are some basics on the different types, where they are grown, and some info on each of them.

Important, this a really, really, really, big piture you will have to zoom out your page (CTRL + Mouse scroll, will work for most computers) to see the complete image.

Pipe Tobacco Map